Monday, December 10, 2007

'Waits For Christmas' Facebook group

I've set up a facebook group for anyone looking to join - the link is on the right hand side there.

Join now and invite all your friends!


Rootuid said...

Having to sign up for face book in order to participate detracts from the mission at hand.

How about implementing a counter for the amount of times the song has been purchased which participants can update.

Also what is the specific date range for purchasing the song?

Adam said...

You don't have to sign up for the facebook account - just something else to join up to if the blog's RSS feed isn't for you.

I'd love to get some kind of counter going but not sure how it could be implemented (or designed etc.)

The date range for purchasing is Friday 14th - Thursday 20th of December - the new charts are released on a Friday and the one on the 21st will obviously be the one that's there for the 25th too.

Hoping to get a bit more traffic here over the next day or two, then I'll start asking people to request the song on the radio and put up links for anyone looking to buy (it's available on iTunes, Eircom Music and Sony Connect so that covers most devices)

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