Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Waits coming up the inside at 6-1!!!

I hadn't even noticed this but Tom Waits is now just 6-1 to make it to number 1 for Christmas in Ireland... wow!

That makes our campaign the third most likely to hit the top spot according to PaddyPower.com.

I think it's a pretty impressive achievement by all of us to make Tom Waits anything other than a complete outsider for a time like this, and we're only inches away from being favourite!

So if you're as confident as I am about Waits' chances maybe you might drop a few quid on the line - if we make it you'll be able to make your money back from the song purchase and maybe have enough left over for a scoop or two over Christmas!

Update: It looks like the page for Christmas Number 1 has been taken down for the time being - we'll keep an eye out to see if it comes back.


Danny said...

It's there as of 21:00 Wednesday.

Adam said...

Yeah, noticed it came back up... it's gone again now, though.

Maybe it's to stop scams when there's no staff watching the site at night... novelty bets are usually the most likely to have pre-determined endings (like the ending of a book, how a soap character is killed etc.) so they're easiest to fix by insiders.

That isn't the case for singles, but maybe they just pull them to be safe.

Manuel said...

i'll have a punt on that......

Danny said...

#11 in iTunes this morning. The counting stops today right?