Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Higher and higher

"Christmas card..." has broken into the top 20 on the Irish iTunes chart as of this morning, and that may not even include all of Monday's sales (and certainly doesn't include any from today so far).

Big thanks to everyone who has bought the track so far and/or promoted it in their own way - it's clearly having an impact. The iTunes chart is the only real indicator we have to see how things are going and with 3 days or so of purchasing left I'd say it's going well.

There's plenty of time left to push it further up the chart and remember, even if it does amazingly well online we still need to counter-act physical sales so an extra push is needed.

If you've not bought already, now's the time to do it. If you have bought already, make sure you tell everyone you know about the campaign. If you're feeling extra generous at this festive time of year, log onto one of the stores you haven't already bought from and pick it up again!

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