Sunday, December 16, 2007

Campaign update

Last night, just as Tom Waits' main competition was being finalised on TV, I hit the airwaves to promote the campaign to get Tom Waits to Number 1 for Christmas in Ireland.

Una Mullaly was there too and besides Waits we discussed other alternative Christmas songs from the likes of Sufjan Stevens and The Flaming Lips.

If you missed the piece you can download it here (right click, save). Fionn, Zoe and co. were kind enough to wrap their programme up with the song too, although I didn't put that into the recording.

In terms of how well things are going so far, the campaign's momentum is continuing to grow. Last night the facebook group hit the 400 members mark (which is impressive considering it was only set up on Monday night) and the song itself hit number 29 in the Irish iTunes charts, based on Friday's sales only.

For one day's work that's a pretty solid performance and with over 4 days left of buying time left we can only hope the momentum continues.

If you've not bought already, please check this thread out for more information on where you can spend a few cent and have your purchased counted in the Irish chart. If you have bought already then make sure you tell everyone you know about the campaign and encourage them to spare a euro or so for the cause! You could also buy again in a different online outlet if you're feeling extra generous!

1 comment:

emmet said...

I was apathetic about this...until this evening.

I was on the way home in the car when I found two different stations were playing Mariah Carey's 'All I want for Christmas' in perfect synch, down to the note.

I've had all I can stand and I can't stands no more, I'm buying Waits!