Friday, December 14, 2007

Hello Irish Times readers!

Big hello to anyone making their way here on the back of the mention we got in The Irish Times' music/entertainment supplement 'The Ticket'.

Many thanks to Jim Carroll for giving us the mention too.

From today and until Thursday night, any purchase you make online or in a music shop will count towards the charts for Christmas day, so please do your bit for the campaign and buy a copy of 'Christmas Card from a hooker in Minneapolis' from anywhere that's counted by IRMA for their charts.

This would include Apple iTunes (this link will open iTunes), Eircom Music Club, Sony Connect, 02 Napster, Vodafone and Easymusic amongst others.

(The iTunes, Sony Connect and Eircom Music links all lead to the page for 'Blue Valentine', which is the album featuring the song. From there you can choose to buy the song individually for between €0.99c and €1.29)


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