Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More coverage

I'm just back in the door having appeared on Phantom FM today to talk about the campaign and how it's going - many thanks to Simon Maher for giving us another mention and having me in to state my case. He even played out with the song itself - probably the first time Tom Waits has been on daytime radio in Ireland in a while!

The campaign also got some substantial coverage in today's Irish Star (scan coming later). It's on Page 18 if anyone has one nearby - thanks to Robert Cox for showing an interest and giving us a mention!

I was also told by one or two people that Ian Dempsey's Breakfast Show had a bit about the campaign - unfortunately I didn't have the radio switched on at the time but thanks to the crew in there for giving us a plug and hopefully your listeners will be making their way to iTunes to download it.

So a good day for coverage and there's more to come tomorrow, from what I understand.

Thanks to everyone who's helped promote the campaign so far and to everyone who's given in a mention where they can. Tomorrow is the second last day to buy and will be the start of our "end game" phase where me make the final push for support.

So in between buying online and harassing your friends and local radio stations about it be sure to keep your fingers crossed!

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