Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Getting support

Thanks to all the bloggers who have posted about this campaign so far - it's already starting to kick off and hopefully the momentum will continue.

The important thing now is to get some support together so if you're a blogger please give us a mention on your site. If you're not a blogger maybe you can let friends of yours know about the campaign if you think it's their sort of thing - just point them in this direction or the direction of the facebook group.

To get into the Christmas charts purchases will have to be made between Friday 14th and Thursday 20th of December - not before and not after.

I'll be posting about that in more detail sooner to those all important dates!

So for now, go forth and spread the word!


Krodnoc said...


gimme a minute said...

Stranded on Gaia

Clockwork Rob said...

Good job, sir. Consider it plugged!

The Eyeball Kid said...

Consider the word spread: eyeballkid.blogspot.com

Adam said...

Thanks to you all for your mentions and support - keep 'em coming!

lynchtp or Mr T said...

I should mention I added a plug on my blog.